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Laser Tag

Laser Tag

    • Age Group: 5-99

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Laser Tag in Raleigh NC

Our Laser Tag is sure to be a hit at your birthday party or event. No longer are the days of boring team Laser Tag. Our laser taggers have the ability to turn your back yard into a battlefield. You have the option of playing multiple game modes to keep things fun and interesting. Some possible game play includes:

Team Deathmatch: The objective is to be the last man standing in this game. Each team will separate and go to their base, once the game begins you better be aware of your surrondings because once you are hit muliple games you are out until the game is over. The last person standing is the winner of this game.

Dodgeball Style Battle: This game mode is classic team vs team. Once a player is out then they are able to return back to their base and respawn back into the game with one of our respawn boxes which will be located within each team's base. We can add variation to this game play such as each team has a medic that carries around the respawn boxes. In this case the medic would have to come to the downed player to allow them to be brought back into the game.

Capture The Flag: Each team will have their own base with a flag or multiple flags that need to be captured. This game is played like the dodgeball style battle execept the first one to capture the teams flag or flags will be the winner. If playing with multiple flags then the team can only return to their base with one flag at a time. If the person bringing the flag back to the base is hit then they must drop the flag where they are and return to the base and respawn to come back into the game.

Freeze Tag: Simular game play to Team Deathmatch, but once a player is knocked out they must freeze. The only way they can move is if another player from their team tags them so they can go to their base and respawn.

The possibilities are endless with our Laser Tag system, it is only limited to your imagination. We encourage participants to come up with their own variations of each game to enhance their battle experience!